LowPoly 3D Modell Pack

This is a Collection of my Old 3D Modell`s with

Textures that are in different size 256x256.512x512.etc

and in .bmp format

Polygon count Varies too.

Modells in .3ds .obj

All collected in 1 Big Pack instead of collecting dust!

The pack comes as is so No Waranties or refund.

only license limit is that:

You can not re sale this pack or enny of the modell`s or texture`s

Indevidually or give them to other`s for free. other than that you are freely to do what you whant.

Best Regards Stig M StigDesign StigDesign1.

You can Buy it Her

i didnt know what Prize to put but i guess 30kr Nok

(Norwegian Kroner) almoast same for a coffe ;)

Preview Image of The Pack.

i sell stuff on SecondLife too.



Some of my Old work


(c)StigDesign StigMRBerger