My name is:Stig Magne R.B

alias/nic name`s:StigDesign StigDesign1 DJSM Stinngern.

am Born in 1986 and i have been using computer`s and Console`s since 1992 sort of. but started more&more after 1998/99 ish and my experience exploded/started fully in 2003 with my own computer. more info of my Experience&life i will post on 1 of my blogs

HER i dont Controll adds.

HER i controll all via one.com



**Favorite Game Series**

{[Racing Games ]}

Need For Speed 1->4 HP2(2002)

NFS5 only litle since whas only porche

TestDrive Series

Test Drive OffRoad Series

GranTurisimo Series 1-3

And More!


Doom 1,2,Final,3,3BFG

DeltaForce Series

RainBowSix Series

HalfLife Series

DukeNukem Series (inc DNForever)

Blood 1,2

Shadow Warrior

And More!




**stil Under Construction! **


2 Games Working on.


(c)StigDesign StigMRBerger